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PASS National Centre

About us

For many years the University of Manchester's PASS programme has been recognised internationally as the UK benchmark.  We are delighted that on 30th April 2009 the University's  Teaching and Learning Support Office (TLSO) was formally established as the UK National Centre by Dr. Glen Jacobs (Executive Director of the International Center for Supplemental Instruction, University of Missouri, Kansas City) and Professor Colin Stirling (Vice-President: Teaching and Learning, The University of Manchester).

Supplemental Instruction is a global model, developed at the University of Missouri, Kansas City and has been adapted for use in HEIs across the globe whilst maintaining a common core of principles.  Currently, over 1500 institutions in 29 countries have SI Supervisors trained to develop a programme at their institution.

To support the International Center for SI in the development of SI/PASS, National Centres have been established in:

The Role of the National Centre

National Centres (and the International Center) are accredited to deliver training for SI Supervisors; this provides support on aspects relating to the implementation, ongoing management and evaluation of a PASS/SI programme.

The UK National Centre will facilitate a network of PASS/SI practitioners, enabling opportunities and events to share practice and assist in collating national research.