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About PASS

PASS establishes a supportive environment, enabling deeper conceptual understanding of fundamental academic principles and increasing individual confidence rather than superficial strategic learning to pass exams.


PASS supports:


PASS utilises the experience and expertise of higher year, volunteer students (PASS Leaders) by training them as facilitators, not teachers or tutors, to support their group of lower year students in finding solutions to their problems themselves, through facilitated discussion and guided questioning. Each group's pair of PASS Leaders encourage active learning in an informal, friendly and fun environment that does not seek to replace any form of interaction between staff and student but to provide another opportunity for all students to enter into institutional discourse with their peers

To support practitioners in understanding the PASS model, the UK National Centre has produced a short clip outlining the basis of the model, the role of the PASS Leader and the benefits to the various stakeholders.  We think it's fun and interesting to watch - hopefully you'll think the same thing - let us know: